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PostSubject: RULES FURIEN / Developer |YOUNES-BELGADA|   Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:15 am

* Ultimate ADMINS *

¤ Dont share your _pw.

¤ Dont unban anyone including admins for cheat reasons unless a demo is provided.

¤ Dont warn admin unless a valid proof is provided.

¤ Dont warn/ban admin unless he disobeys any rules.

¤ Dont abuse amx_map command. Only when map has a bug.

¤ Dont abuse amx_gag or amx_flash (They are used for a valid reason).


¤ Admin Must not use STEAM ID Changer. Otherwise, a warning.

¤ Admin Must not Insulte other players/admins. Otherwise, a warning + ban 120 minutes.

¤ Between survivors/nemesis turning do at least 4 rounds break. Otherwise, a warning.

¤ Slay / slap used only if the person is AFK or Blocking/Camp. Otherwise, a warning.

¤ Intolerance hostile racist speeches , insults or insulting votes are not allowed. For it you can get warn .

¤ For advertising ban users for 30 minutes, regardless of whether the server or on the Web advertising.

¤ For bad nicks ban users for 120 minutes.

¤ Ban reason should be clear, otherwise warning . (Permanent ban only for HACKERS !).

¤ Admin insult ban for 120 minutes.

¤ Don't ban ADMINS they get a warning for disregarding the rules (unless they bans or kicks all the players in a row or exceeds the limits)

¤ Do not cheat otherwise Ban permanent.

¤ Do not advertise for this reason ban for 30 minutes and warning.

¤ For flood warn the player or kick him , if a player does not respond ban for 30 minutes.

*3 warnings removed admin status.*

¤ Intolerance hostile racist speeches , insults are not allowed for this you will get ban.

¤ Do not use cheats otherwise ban.

¤ Don't Flood.

¤ Do not advertise otherwise ban.

¤ If you see admin breaking rules put photos to forum or send to Ultimate Admins Or Owners in skype.

¤ Do not use Map bugs (such as de_dust roof bug ). Otherwise slay.

** Updated rules **
¤ Admin are not allowed to share their _pw with any other. otherwise a warning or privileges will be removed. Wink
¤ Bunny hop is allowed, but bunny hop-script is not. If you don’t know the difference ask a Superadmin.

¤ "Bot" is not insulting, but if you keep saying it many times to someone in a negative way its not allowed, then it will result in a ban. tongue

¤ Don't abuse the "amx_votemap" command, let the server do it. Otherwise, a warning.

¤ Do NOT spam the @admin chat with unnecessery comments and talking about stuff that has nothing with the server to do, use the normal chat to talk with other players. Otherwise ultimate admins will ban you 15 minutes.

* When buying ADMIN, you agree to these rules. Ignorance of rules can result in lose of ADMIN Status.*
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PostSubject: Re: RULES FURIEN / Developer |YOUNES-BELGADA|   Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:39 pm


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